About RFX Lab

The RFXLab is a R&D lab from Vietnam, we research and apply some innovating open source framework for data-driven business. 

Core concepts of Reative Function X (RFX)
  1. User Experience (Function X) — the probability function to measure consumer preferences, versus estimates based on averages or aggregates 
  2. Context awareness (Data Matrix) – aware of where your customers are and what they looked at;
  3. Fast reaction (Reactive Function) — responsive in real-time to context automatically.
Reactive Marketing Platform

Road map of RFX:
Github: https://github.com/rfxlab/

I believe the next revolution in the industry is "reactive fast data", or the way system reacts fast data stream in real-time and context with best recommended information). This means we must innovate our tools and the platform, and we use " Reactive Lambda Architecture" as the key philosophy for all R&D activities of RFX Lab.
Designed and founded by:
Triều Nguyễn : core engineer, who design architecture and implement core functions
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